Agrofarm G 115



The Agrofarm G 115 Series provides the ideal answer to a wide variety of needs: offering productivity and versatility in the field, superior manoeuvrability for general farm tasks and speed for quick road transport applications. These tractors combine compact dimensions with comprehensive, high technology equipment to ensure outstanding comfort in all working conditions. All three models are offered as both LS and GS variants: the main difference between these two variants is that the LS is equipped with a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, while the GS has an electrohydraulic reverse shuttle.



Agrofarm G tractors are equipped with powerful four cylinder SDF Series 1000 engines. These 4000 cm³ capacity engines are offered in a choice of power outputs from 85 to 115 hp. The engines powering the Agrofarm G 85 and 100 are Tier I compliant, while the engine of the Agrofarm G 115 complies with Tier II standards. The three different power variants differ from one another in the solutions employed for the engine: the Agrofarm G 85 is powered by a naturally aspirated unit, the G 100 and G 115 are both turbocharged while the engine of the G 115 is also intercooled. Conceived specifically for agricultural use, SDF engines match ready power delivery even at low engine speeds with superlative fuel economy. The extremely compact construction and highly effective cooling system of these engines mean that Agrofarm G tractors can operate without difficulty even in areas with extreme weather conditions. The modern high pressure injection system uses a single pump for each cylinder. This is a far more advanced solution than the rotary or in-line pumps used in conventional injection systems, and ensures superlative performance with extraordinary reliability. SDF engines also offer plenty of torque right on tap even at low engine speeds. In both models, maximum torque is already available at just 1600 rpm, for remarkable elasticity.



The transmission offered with LS versions consists of a fully synchromesh four-speed, three-range gearbox with a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, offering a total of twelve forward and reverse speeds and a top speed of 30 km/h. The configuration equipping GS versions uses a five-speed, three-range gearbox for a total of fifteen forward and reverse speeds and a top speed of 40 km/h. GS variants are also equipped as standard with the “Sense Clutch” electrohydraulic reverse shuttle, which offers the driver a choice of five different settings. For both LS and GS, the capabilities of the transmission may be further extended by adding either a supercreeper gear (for a total of twenty speeds available in both directions) or the two-range Powershift Hi-Lo gear, for a total of thirty forward and reverse speeds. For a truly complete solution, the supercreeper gear may be used in combination with the Powershift Hi-Lo gear, for an astonishing forty speeds in both directions. The maximum speed of Agrofarm G tractors with these optional transmission configurations is 40 km/h. A sealed transmission variant is also offered for Agrofarm G tractors, making them suitable for working day after day in high humidity conditions, such as rice paddies or any application with extensive exposure to water and mud.



Agrofarm G tractors offer all four of the standard PTO speed modes (540, 540ECO, 1000 and 1000ECO), all of which selected and engaged electrohydraulically with an automatic load sensing function to ensure that the implement connected is always started progressively and smoothly.
The PTO is simple and rational to operate, with electrohydraulic controls and an LCD screen displaying the effective PTO speed, allowing the driver to use any implement in the ideal operating conditions. The front lift comes complete with a front PTO with a standard operating speed of 1000 rpm, while a synchronised PTO with independent output shaft is also available.

Hydraulic System


The hydraulic systems of the Agrofarm G series are equipped with a 56 l/min gear pump feeding an open centre circuit, to ensure complete compatibility even with implements with high hydraulic power demands. Another, separate pump is dedicated to the hydraulic steering system, ensures extremely smooth, easy steering action even at low engine speeds and when the lift and auxiliary distributors are operated. Completing the hydraulic system are two-way distributors (in standard configuration, while up to six ways are available as an option) and flow regulator and trailer braking regulator systems. The maximum capacity of the rear lift is 2150 kg for the Agrofarm G 85, 4200 kg for the Agrofarm G 100 and an impressive 4800 kg for the Agrofarm G 115.



Available as both 2WD and 4WD variants, Agrofarm G tractors are equipped with independent wet disc brakes on all four wheels. This solution ensures car-like stability even under the hardest braking. The brakes are extremely reliable and durable, and ensure superlative levels of safety even at high speeds. An optional valve may also be fitted to disable the front brakes when necessary.



All Agrofarm G tractors are available as platform or cab variants. The latter come with a state of the art high visibility cab with just four pillars. Agrofarm G tractors boast a unique, distinctive design, minute attention to detail and superior ergonomics. The elements of the bodywork are attractively styled, while the modern look of the lights has a functional purpose to prevent interference with implements. The control levers are rationally and intuitively organised, while the intelligent layout of the instrumentation lets the driver immediately and constantly monitor the main functions of the machine.

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