4E Series



If versatility is a priority and you’re looking for a tractor with a low weight to power ratio that meets your exacting needs for productivity, the new 4E Series is the perfect answer for you, whatever the task.
With a wide choice of models, engines and equipment variants, the 4E Series is totally configurable to your needs.


4E Series tractors are powered by liquid cooled 3 cylinder (simple turbo or turbo-intercooled) or 4 cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines with HRT and exhaust gas recirculation systems ensuring compliance with Stage 3A standards. These tractors are an ideal combination of sturdy construction and simplicity. 4075E and 4080E models are equipped with an electronic engine governor system which automatically determines the exact quantity of fuel needed in relation to power demand and load in real time to optimise fuel consumption.


4E Series tractors are equipped with a transmission offering the ideal ratio for every task.
The 30+15 configuration doing duty on all models except for the 4050E consists of a synchronised 5 speed gearbox with 3 work ranges and underdrive, the latter selected from a control integrated in the reverse shuttle lever.
A top speed of 30 Km/h for 2WD versions and 40 Km/h for 4WD versions makes road transport tasks quick and simple.


The two PTO speeds available (540/540 ECO) let you make full use of all the power available efficiently and reliably. A ground speed PTO is also available.

Hydraulic System

The hydrostatic steering system is fed by an independent pump for smooth, light steering even at low engine speeds. A steering angle of 55°, Mechanical position, draft and mixed control modes for the rear lift let you work with total precision with any implement. A hydraulic oil flow rate of 42 l/min and 4 or 6* way distributors (*4080E model only) ensure accurate control and adjustment of all hydraulic implements. Depending on the model, the lift has a maximum load capacity of up to 3490 Kg (with supplementary external rams).


A perfect weight to power ratio, all-wheel multi-disc wet brakes and the separate brake valve ensure safe, potent braking even with large loads. The highly effective four-wheel drive system selectable from a lever to the left of the seat, combined with 100% lockable front and rear differentials, gives you all the traction you need even in the toughest conditions.


The 4E Series is available as platform and cab versions. The transmission levers (gears and ranges) are on the right of the driver, while the mechanical reverse shuttle lever (which also includes the underdrive selector control) is situated under the steering wheel, for immediate, comfortable operation.
The cab is spacious and comfortable. Designed specifically for maximum driver comfort, with solutions that drastically reduce vibration and noise.

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